split-end city


I've been thinking about cutting my hair for a while now-- my split-ends have split ends. They're like a magical firework displayed across my shoulders in an array of glorious wisps. The split ends have started weaving their own tapestries, depicting stories of the barber shops and scissors they once knew... now only figments of memories in their tiny, wispy minds. They're building roads, starting bakeries, looking into organic farming. It's Split-End City over here, population moi.


I'm neglectful of a lot of things (yardwork, laundry, correspondence, flossing) but my hair is always an afterthought. Oh, yeah-- this old thing? Attached to my head? Maybe I should think about it... Wash. Air dry. Pin back. Pony Tail. Dry Shampoo. Bun of shame. Repeat.

Based on the responses from my friends when I asked them what I should do to tame the beast (short? short short? swoop bangs? real bangs?) , you would have thought I was talking about adopting a baby. Or 4 puppies. Or going vegan. Just remember... it can be a lot of responsibility to keep up with. It sounds like a good idea right now, but, you'll have to deal with it everyday. It's so high maintenance. You might actually have to, like, try hard to make it work. 

This leaves me with only 48 minutes before my appointment and all I know is that I don't want a baby or 4 puppies or to be vegan. Also that perhaps I need to put more effort into my life if my friends think I am incapable of handling bangs (which, let's be honest, they are right.) Gonna just do what I always do and make a gametime decision. And hopefully not walk away with regretful bangs. 

morgan cogswell