friday mixtape 03.24.17

I used to blog a lot, mostly because I thought I was funny and had a lot of time on my hands. Nowadays, I still think I'm funny but with less time on my hands so who knows how this new experiment will go. As the ancient proverb goes: "Vainglorious mediocrity is the soul of blogging."  But since chokers and high-waisted jeans are making a comeback, I thought I'd take a crack at the ol' blogosphere once more and am thusly back to my old tricks. 

Enter the return of the Friday Mixtape. It's a collection of songs from over the week that I've found enjoyable or head-bobbable. I hope you enjoy your Friday and these tunes!

++if you have an inordinate amount of time on your hands, you can listen or follow the Friday Mixtape Mega Mix, which has all the songs that I've ever put on the FMT ++