A Broadway musical about Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton?

For a while I've felt like I lost my voice. 

I stopped blogging. I stopped 'gramming. I stopped making playlists. I stopped.

I've been tired. I've been worn down. I've been confused. Lonely. I've not known how to express what I'm going through. 

I've gotta keep churning/moving/burning/serving or like a shark in stillness I'll die. 

There are many happy days and many happy moments. Silliness. Goodness. Rich moments. Laughter. Amazing meals, new friends, a song that makes me lose my breath in awe. But the solitude is always lurking. The fear is always there. 

Is it even worth it to start again?

Start even if you don’t know where your idea can go, even if it seems silly or pointless or impossible. (A Broadway musical about Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton? Surely, that’s going nowhere. Getting arrested for not giving up your seat on the bus? How will that make a difference?) via Excellent Journey

As I was cleaning off my bookshelves the other day I came across the book If You Want to Write -- a book given to me by my friend and old UGA Orientation boss Eric Johnson (of Excellent Journey quoted above.) The book reminded me to just do it-- do what you love, regardless of whether anyone will read it/see it/hear it. Live your days without fear for tomorrow. 

And so with that we start again. 

morgan cogswell