back to basics // friday mixtape


Getting back into writing/photography also means getting back into one of my favorite things: making playlists. For a while, making a Friday Mixtape was easy: I'd hear a song in a store or a restaurant or on TV that I loved, and I'd google a line from it or Shazam it to figure out what it was. I was hearing music everywhere because, well, I was listening. People would often ask me "where do you find these songs for the mixtapes?" And I'd just look around and say... "everywhere." 

So I'm getting back to the basics-- listening to and for music all around. And just for kicks and giggles the mixtape cover is a young Morgangster + Cousin Emily gettin' back to our basics of paddling canoes and being up to no good (but of course I'm rockin' my safety gear and holding my t-grip. Some things never change.)


Sidenote: whoever's playlist is rockin' at the Jittery Joe's on Tuesday mornings is my musical soulmate. 

morgan cogswell