Being known by someone is the best and sometimes most terrifying feeling in the world. Other people knowing you so well and perfectly!!! Wow. To have someone look at you and say “Hey. I see you. I get you!” is all at once freeing and exhilarating and humbling and exposing… 

Yesterday was my 27th birthday and the start of my 28th year here on earth. It was, at least as much as I can duly remember, one of my best birthdays yet (though the scavenger hunt for birthday #8 was pretty epic, I do recall.) New friends, longtime friends, younger friends, older friends, kiddo friends… my house was filled with the many faces of people whom I adore. We ate chili and red velvet cake and cooked s'mores over a fire and drank delicious seasonal drinks and taught kids how to throw darts and played with babies and laughed and listened to my favorite songs and sat outside in the brisk October night with strings of light twinkling overhead. It was relaxed and wonderful and no one made me blow out candles because I despise it and I really don’t think I stopped smiling all day. 

Between the breakfast of donuts and a second breakfast of a Mama’s Boy biscuit and gifts of my favorite candies and drinks and music and flowers and everything my little heart could ever desire… I thought my heart was going to explode. 

Despite all of that… the best present I received yesterday was a tiny glimpse of what it feels like to be known and loved by the Lord: for all of my messiness and craziness… I am fully known and fully loved. 

Here’s to 27 being the best year yet.