C’est Paris! How Everything I Learned About This Lovely City Can Be Summarized By This Yellow Room At Versailles 

I’d be willing to bet that almost everyone in the world has heard of Paris. Much like New York City or Hollywood or the North Pole… it is just one of those places you grow up hearing about. Where are movies made? Where’s the Statue of Liberty? Where is Santa Claus from? What’s the greatest city in the world? 


And because it’s so ubiquitous, I never thought much about it. There’s no way a place could be THAT cool. Errrbody needs to calm down about their incessant J’taime Paris mantra and slapping the Eiffel Tower on everything. Come on. There was always that one girl in school who was OBSESSED with France. She had her Mona Lisa lunch box and knew just enough French phrases to be annoying at all times. We get it, Lauren. You like France. Stop singing Les Mis now please.

I never understood it. Until now. 

When you first arrive, the only thought going through your head is Everything is just so damn FANCY! And it’s FANCY just BECAUSE. As you’re meandering down the dreamlike streets on your bicycle, wrapped in a chic scarf and admiring the debonair, navy blazer-clad Frenchmen everywhere…try to forget for the moment that this city was built on the exploitation of the lower class because IT’S BREATHTAKING AND THERE’S NO TIME TO THINK ABOUT THE PAST. YOU’RE IN PARIS. HAVE SOME CAKE ALREADY AND SOAK IT IN.

Which is why this yellow room at the Petit Trianon was the epitome of Paris to me: originally built for a mistress on the grandiose property of Versailles, this room was ALL YELLOW EVERYTHING because why not? There’s a red room and pink room and green room right nearby and a whole other castle and a garden the size of a small country! Have a yellow room if you want! Eat an entire loaf of bread and a stack of macaroons and laze away the afternoon drinking cafe cremes in a minuscule, trendy cafe! Your eyes will be gilded before you can see one 1000th of this magical place but it’s ok because C’EST PARIS. 

Over-the-top just because it can. Chic. Fancy. All adjectives I can get behind. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Lauren.