Exciting Adoption Update! 

Remember how I told you my pals Brie and Stephen were adopting a baby boy that was coming in 8 days?! Well… HE’S COMING TOMORROW. So right now they’re on a plane to go meet their son! This means a couple of things: 

Their yard sale (in Athens) is still on! It’ll be this Friday and Saturday (pending rain on Saturday so come Friday) starting at 8am at 690 Edwards Drive. You’ll even get to buy items from Yours Truly if you come in the morning. I’ll be slingin’ goods til around 11 so bring your wallet and get ready to party! Pass the word, Athenians! // Yard Sale Deets

You can still donate! They thought they had 8 days to raise $40,000… and now they’ve got just under 40 hours. Pray that God would move miraculously and they would be able to have everything they need to bring Baby Owens home. It’s crunch time, but things are exciting! // Donate

Pause and Think. This whole process has been a whirlwind for my sweet friends and our community. There are have been ups and downs, and then some major downs, and now a major up! But throughout the whole ordeal… I’ve been constantly reminded of God’s love for us– adoption is a perfect picture of how he pursues us at great cost and with great love. I’m thankful for this beautiful living-out of the Gospel.