I have always had an affinity for breakfast foods. I believe this stems from my Mom’s philosophy when eating in restaurants: she’d always look at the dessert menu first to see what she wanted, and choose her meal in accordance with the amount of room she wanted to save for the treat. And breakfast is basically a free pass to eat dessert for an entire meal and have it be legit. Cake for breakfast? Insanity. But here. Have a donut.

Late in high school, I remember coming across a quote that resonated so deeply with me that it became my own sort of food philosophy: 

“Dinner parties are mere formalities; but you invite a man to breakfast because you want to see him.” - Thomas Babington Macaulay

In college, I interviewed musician, artist, and fellow UGAer Allison Weiss (who shares a similar love for breakfast and pancakes that I do (in fact, it was her album art of pancakes that originally drew me to wanting to interview her)) and one thing she said about breakfast (because of course I asked!) that has stuck with me was something similar to the Macaulay quote: 

Breakfast is really special and delicious because you wake up and the first thing you want to do is see this other person and share a stack of pancakes with them. You really only do that with people you love. 

(Allison also got me onto Tumblr many moons ago AND she’s the famous one whose tunes you hear on the Customize Your Theme page. Go Dawgs.)

BREAKFAST! I mean just think about it! It’s early, you’re not always in a pleasant mood or lookin’ great and you think Hey, yes. Let’s share something yummy even before these bags under my eyes go away. It’s the first thing you do in the morning and you’re inviting this other person to share in that moment with you. That’s intense! 

So, anyways, today’s my last day at work. As a Going Away Celebration, the office organized a breakfast because they know how much I love it. Sure, it’s really just donuts and cinnamon rolls and coffee… but. It’s love. I feel very loved today and that makes me excited about the future. In the words of my girl Leslie Knope, Why Would Anybody Eat Anything Besides Breakfast Food? 

I sure don’t know, Leslie. I sure don’t know. 

With that…. ENJOY this Friday’s Mixtape. And go eat breakfast with someone you love. Go on. Go on. 

As always, all the Friday Mixtape Tunes are here—-> ++ Friday Mix! 

PS. That super sweet Tolkien print up there was created by my dear friend Karla who is wicked talented and awesome and just basically the best.