I live in a very cool part of Athens called Normaltown, which I realize is a very silly and misleading name based on the information I just divulged about it being awesome. Normaltown is an amalgamation of all the best parts of the city: restaurants and architecture and music and history and industry and education and townies on bicycles. Sometimes when I’m sitting in my bed before 11PM in my sweatpants, listening to Katy Perry's Roar on repeat… I think to myself “Wow I am so not cool enough to live here!” But then, before I know it… I am awoken by my neighbors’ free range chickens and I think… maybe it’s just a place where weird people live and so I fit right in. 

“Normal"town, I love you.

Because I am no good at going to the gym and don’t want to become a sedentary potato… I’ve started walking to work. In the midst of this new routine, I’ve discovered more and more lovely things about this neighborhood (see pictures above for visual evidence.) And of course, my walks wouldn’t be complete without a good playlist. 

I call this Friday Mixtape… The City Walkin’ And City Lovin’ Mix. Enjoy. 

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