I’ve been driving a lot lately (holidays, adventures, getting lost in the mountains, etc.) and that means I’ve been doing a lot of one of my favorite things: listening to podcasts. 

Because I’m a super nerd, asking fellow nerds what their favorite podcasts are is a regular part of my daily life. Through my inquiries, I have been recommended everything from 99% Invisible (about the invisible things that shape our world) to Men in Blazers (about soccer *ahem* football and the hosts wear blazers. Allegedly. This is just audio, after all.) 

It cannot be overstated. I love podcasts. But nothing has captured my attention quite so well as Mystery Show. I was reading a Top Podcasts of 2015 list (as all super nerds do) and decided to give it a go. AND BOY. IT’S SO GOOD. 

The premise is this: The host– the lovable and witty Starlee Kine– will solve the unsolvable mysteries from your life. The only catch is that the mystery cannot be solved by a simple Google search. Adventure ensues. 

Unfortunately, there is only one season so far and only 6 episodes, but I think everyone should take a listen. My recommendation– my admonition– is that you listen to them in the following order and as quickly as humanly possible so that we can discuss. 

Case #3 Belt Buckle

Case #5 Source Code

Case #1 Video Store

Case #2: Britney

Case #4 Vanity Plate

Case #6: Kotter [Season 1 finale]

And if anyone knows Starlee Kine in real life, or lives in NYC and wants to solve the mystery of how I can be best friends with her– holler at me.