Just returned from a week of Adult Spring Break, or as normal adults call it, Vacation! Slightly sunburned. More than slightly tired. Very, very extra content and happy. 

In the past week, a few things have happened, and instead of going into great, laborious detail, it’s time a for a Quick List Update. 

  • This band, The Oh Hello’s, is so fantastic. Stop whatever you’re doing and listen. And then listen again. Rinse, repeat. 
  • I’ve been eating dried apricots as a snackie because, apparently, they are healthy and my metabolism just isn’t what it used to be. Just now, I finally discovered why–though I find them delicious– dried apricots make me a little uneasy: In elementary school at the Fall Carnival, there was a booth where you’d stick your hands in various boxes to feel “body parts” and other “scary” things. Cooked Spagetti was Loose Brains, peeled grapes were Googly Eyes. Apparently this was very appealing to me as a 9-year-old as it’s a vivid memory still at 26. The box labeled “Severed Ears”… definitely dried apricots. Woooof. 
  • Yesterday I was playing volleyball with my youth group kids. I think I blew out my knee. There are many times when it is very clear to me that I am waaaay older than these kids (i.e. obsession with Chris Hemsworth, SnapChat, sleeping-in until noon, the ability to drink sugary non-diet cokes, listening to the lyrics of Taylor Swift songs…) but now that I feel a million years old in the knee region, it’s hard to even imagine that once in the not-so-distant past I was a teenager. 
  • Post-Vacation Depression is a real and powerful thing. 

See, I was born a restless, wayward child 
I could hear the whole world calling me outside