Life in the Classic City is good. It’s always good. But especially lately (see above :) . 

Spring finally decided to show up and my pasty white skin has started to look a little more alive. You can no longer see the veins through my translucent skin! JK. But seriously. 

Everyone’s always talking about spring as a time for renewal: new buds on the trees, out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new-spring-cleaning, fresh sunburns, long sunny days, the surge of vitamin d in the body… 

I’m always excited for spring and all it’s newness. But there’s a lot of scary newness/change on the horizon too… many of my friends are leaving Athens after this summer— new jobs in DC and internships in Colorado, folks headed to the Big City and folks just moving on… 

And so with all this freshness is a sense of sadness for me too. This place that I love so much is facing so much change. I am facing so much change. 

It’s a little strange to be staying in the same place when so much is going to be different around me… but I’m excited to see where this crazy road of life is leading…