Monday Love: Post-Birthday Ruminations 

I’m not a big “birthday person.” I don’t think I was always like this… in fact, when I was younger, I used to think that Halloween was all for me– the costumes, the candy, the abundance of friends that showed up at my house and the kindness of strangers giving me hundreds of tiny wrapped presents in the form of sugar and bars. Those were the days. Mom always made a red velvet cake and homemade costumes and we always carved pumpkins (which I also thought was all for me) and had scavenger hunts and played the greatest games until we were so tired we couldn’t move from exhaustion and sugar overload… 

I think my lack of enthusiasm for birthdays arrived after my disastrous 13th birthday party (but what WASN'T disastrous about being 13, amiright?! The bangs, the braces, the American Eagle graphic tees…) It was a slumber party nightmare of hormones, too much sugar and too little sleep. I never had another birthday party again until college and even then I wouldn’t let my friends plan anything crazy. 

Last year I was too busy worrying about turning 25 to really enjoy it (though it was pretty epic and involved buying knives, eating Mama’s Boy, hitting the outlets, buying lotto tickets, skipping through the leaves, high school football and a surprise visit from LEL all the way from Nashville…) but this weekend was different.

I had breakfast foods a total of 4 times in 3 days and more pumpkin pancakes than an IHOP on Thanksgiving. I received a beautiful book in the mail from my parents, donuts spelling out “Happy Birthday” and a trip to ATL to reunite with the besties from college. I shared meals with my Athens Fam, with the Ladies’ Supper Club, with church friends and with my lovely youth group kids (and tonight, more partying with a Mexican Fiesta!)! We had a scavenger hunt, I wore sparkly shoes and the weather finally got cold! What more could I ask for?! I have felt supremely loved and cared for on a day that has, in the past, not meant a whole lot to me. I think I’ll have to change my view on birthdays back to the days of yore. Oh. And the Dawgs won. Teehee.

It’s a bit strange to get so much love on your birthday– after all, it’s something I didn’t really have anything to do with (thanks Mom and Dad!) and sometimes it makes me feel strange to have so much attention. 

But I’ve learned to just smile, say thanks, and enjoy the ride (and the pancakes.) Thank you to everyone who made me feel so special on this random October day where 26 years ago I came screaming and crying into this world. I’m just hopeful that this year will hold less screaming and crying and more laughter and awesomeness. 

Here’s to 26!