My brother moved to California back in January and on Tuesday morning I flew out here to visit him. The first day I busied myself by popping into bakeries and bookshops around San Francisco and drinking copious amounts of coffee. We had sushi for dinner and later fell asleep watching Jim Gaffigan on Netflix– in an instant we were right back to our normal routine in Athens. 

The crux of the whole trip though was that it was a surprise. 

My parents were headed out there to see their Baby Boy in the big city– and my sister and I decided to tag along.

They were eating at Caffe Delucchi in North Beach when I walked in and took a seat next to my dad and promptly ordered some gnocchi. The look on his face was priceless! He was so excited, but not as excited as I was to invite myself on my parents’ vacation. Mmmm.

We went to a winery in Sonoma, walked the streets of Sausalito, hiked through the red wood trees at Muir Woods. We ate sushi and listened to live music and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and smuggled Dos Equis into our hotel room. 

To travel is great, but to travel with the ones you love is even better. 

morgan cogswell