My life is a little weird sometimes. 


It’s a lot weird, a lot of the time. Like the fact that it is my job to hang out with teenagers and eat ice cream and talk about deep things with them. It’s the best. Today I was sitting in the carpool line at one of the schools and I just started laughing: my life is weird

I am also deliriously tired from said-job so I have to laugh at myself or I’ll cry. Me! In a carpool lane! Listening to LeCrae’s latest and rocking my new most favorite sale rack find of all the ages amongst a sea of minivans and honor-student-stickered hatchbacks. Lack of sleep is a bizarre and terrible thing. But it can also make the world a little funnier. 

One thing I’ve put on the back-burner these last few weeks due to exhaustion is reading this devo series my friend Sarah told me about called She Reads Truth. I finally, finally opened it and, well…  It’s solid and wonderful and I am thankful that someone took the time to put this together. I’m also mad at myself for waiting until now to do so. 

If you’re like me and your tired and busy and don’t find enough time for yourself… promise me two things. 1. You’ll chose one new thing a week to care for yourself (like super silky night cream face lotion) and 2. You’ll start reading these*. (available for free via the iphone app) It’s a little like Rifle Paper (which I adore) and the Bible (which I adore even more) met and became friends. 

*I’ve always been a little hesitant about devotional books because I think, hey, why not just read the actual Bible? I like this one because it does just that– goes through whole books. Also… I’m totally for anything that actually gets people reading their Bibles. So. READ DAT TRUTH GURL.