The thing about having something you’re supposed to do every week (grocery shopping, laundry, exercising) is that sometimes, you just don’t do it. (I think that’s why they call that “supposed to do.”) The Friday Mixtape is a little less dire than those other 3 (I see you, piles and piles of laundry I have been stepping over for days on end. I see you. I see you.) but sometimes, more important things call your name. Like going to get one of your best friends all married-up and stuff. 

A & D have a particularly lovely story, having met as a bridesmaid and groomsman at another of our friends’ wedding a year and a half ago. SO CUTE am I right?

This group of friends that gathered this weekend to celebrate is a particular kind of wonderful: we met at camp as strange little children and somehow, despite time and changing and not living in the same cities or going to the same schools… we grew up and we did it together. There is a rare quality amongst us that only comes from having seen how far we’ve all come: from our summers of braided hair and sunburned skin in the North Carolina mountains to being grown-ups with college degrees and jobs and houses and now, husbands.     

So even though it’s late… it was for a good reason. Here’s the mix!