this will not be a blahg

A few years ago the word “blahg” made it into my vocabulary. It’s a word I use to describe what I most desperately do not want this corner of the internet to be: a place where I am sad and complain about things that are hard in my life. It first surfaced in a post I titled “My Life as a Romantic Comedy, Minus the Romance: Part One: The Bloggyblog Will Not Become a BLAHg”– a series I wrote about a wedding I attended for a dear friend that was pretty hilarious and emotionally traumatizing (in the best way possible, I promise!) That weekend was, I believe, one of the most formative experiences of my young adult life and to this day sticks out as a fond but also painful memory. Much like all of middle school.

I’ve had a hard couple of weeks recently, for some reasons that are easier to discern than others, and I’ve begun to realize a few things that I think will just make a lot more sense if I can process them and put pen-to-paper. 

I didn’t want and still don’t want this to become a BLAHg– but go with me, will you? I’ve realized more and more that though what I’m dealing with seems unique to me, it really isn’t. Human nature is funny like that. So. Can we share in our collective tryingtofigureitallout-ness together? I hope so. 

I am not proud of this, of course, but I figure that if I don’t write anything on this blog except a lot of awesome food and my cool friends… I am creating some weird, internet-enabled illusion that I have Got Things Together and that Life is Perfect, which, I do not and it is not. So this is me just keeping it realz. 


I got a text the other day from a friend of mine with the above quote– attached with a picture of the bag of Cheetos she was eating from. It made me laugh and then I seriously just wanted it visually somewhere to remind me not to take myself too seriously. So here’s me doing that and hoping you’re along for the journey. 

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