To the Woods & Back Again

I have finally emerged from the hole I’ve been in since returning from our Youth Winter Retreat in the mountains.  My name is Morgan, I’m 27, and I can no longer play dodge ball for 4 hours and be able to function the next day. 

I’ve recently been having some trouble sleeping, but I’ve found the cure: Playing dodge ball for 4 hours. Also, if you ever find yourself wondering “am I too old to wear this?” just play dodge ball for 4 hours and you’ll have your answer. The answer is yes.  Feeling hip because you can name all the members of One Direction and just finished reading Divergent? Play dodge ball for 4 hours and the only hip you’ll feel is yours, throbbing in pain underneath your elastic-banded workout sweats. 

I might be exaggerating a little in that we probably only played for 2 hours, but the results are the same. I slept for 12 hours straight. 

So now it’s Thursday and I finally feel back to normal. Tomorrow there will be a Friday Mixtape, we’re having Supper Club, and then I’m headed to ATL to see some of my family and hang out in the Big City. There’s definitely no dodge ball on the schedule. 

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