Today is my Grandmom’s birthday- 12-12 in 2012. We call this her Super Golden Birthday! 

When I think about my cool G-mom, I think about the times spent running up and down the stairs in their big 3-story house, playing baseball in the expansive backyard and climbing the old fireplace where another house once stood, and of course eating her life-changing French Toast at the corner table in the kitchen. 

My love of canoeing, of reading, of adventuring, of writing, of photography, of music and of riddles and crossword puzzles and art and building things and solving puzzles and shooting guns and climbing trees and not being afraid of things like bats and snakes and spiders… all of that can be traced back to my Grandparents. (Sadly, no love for Chemistry or Calculus for me, but we can’t win ‘em all.) 

Happy Birthday, Grandmom. I’m thankful for everything you’ve shown and taught me over the years and for giving me my cool Mama and for making, quite literally, the best French Toast on the planet. I love you! 

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